Skippers Notes

Hi Skippers.

Keeping up to date

Please check back to this page regularly for updates.
At all times, please monitor Channel 77 on your VHF radio.
Radio skeds will take place at 8:10am every morning of the cruise.
Other information will be shared each evening at the Commodores Report at 5pm.

Horizon Shores Berthing Information

Berthing for the fleet has been generously provided by Horizon Shores Marina.

A berthing team from the cruising fleet will be on hand to assist boats to find their dock and will be wearing hi-vis shirts or blue cruise T-Shirts.

Final berth numbers will be allocated and distributed via text on Saturday morning.
Refer to the marina map below for an overview of the arms:

HorizonShores Marina Map

Berthing Procedure

  1. On arrival at the entrance to the marina, ensure ample lines and fenders on both sides of your vessel are in place.
  2. Call the Radio Ship Gypsymariner on VHF Channel 77 for confirmation that your berth is ready
  3. Where possible, a RIB will lead you towards your berth. Otherwise, refer to the marina map
  4. Once safely in your pen, check all lines are secure.
  5. If possible, assist the berthing team to berth additional boats on your arm.
  6. Maintain watch on Channel 77
  7. Once boats are berthed, kick back and enjoy the cruise!

Berthing Notes

  • Under no circumstances is any vessel to enter a berth without the approval of the radio ship.
  • All catamarans will be required to anchor in the designated anchorage areas as there are insufficient berths to accommodate wide beam vessels. The other marinas are expected to be able to cater for all boats. Thank you to catamaran skippers for understanding this requirement
  • All vessels must only go to their assigned berth. If you are not next to your friends, make new friends!
  • You may dock bow or stern in, subject to the suitability of the berth and conditions.
  • Please respect any marina rules and signs that are displayed or advised
  • Some vessels may be required to raft together. If you are not prepared to raft, you will need to anchor.
  • Maintain watch on Channel 77 at all times and throughout out the cruise.

There is no first prize for being first into the marina. There are no second or third prizes either. Please take your time and be careful. Prizes will be awarded for best berthing effort. The judging criteria will be the preparedness of your crew, boat handling skills and the ability to avoid bumping into anything. The prize is a free sign-on bag. 🙂

Sign-on will commence at 2pm sharp near the marina office. If you expect to be later than 2pm, please text 0410 696 578 with your vessel name and arrival time.

The cruise has been going into marinas for 42 years and with your cooperation, the berthing process will be breeze.

Good luck, safe boating and go the Broncos!





Contact Information

Radio Ship: Gypsymariner – Steve Leppien
Channel: 77
Mobile: 0428 689 491

Commodore: David Mason-Cox
Vessel: Sunshine

VIce Commdore: Michelle Anderson
Vessel: Wanderers Paradise

Rear Commodore: Jullie McCullogh
Vessel: Dansuer

A ful list of boats and mobile numbers is included in the sign on bag.