Terms and Conditions


  • All participants agree to conform to the high standards of social behaviour, which are customary and traditional on Bay Cruises.
  • Owners and skippers are responsible not only for their own behaviour, but also that of their crew, family and guests.
  • Parents (or parent substitutes) agree to be responsible for the conduct of children in their care at all times. In this regard, children are defined as any person under the age of 18 years. The skipper is responsible for restitution of damage to any property or equipment by anyone from his vessel, at any Cruise venue.
  • Every Skipper shall render all possible assistance to any vessel or person in peril, when in a position to do so.
  • All participants agree that the following conduct may result in a person’s immediate removal from the Interclub Bay Cruise Register:
    • Participation in any illegal activity, and in particular, possession or consumption of any illegal substances, or the supply of such substances; the supply of alcohol or tobacco products to a minor; stealing or destruction of property of any kind;
    • Conduct of a gross, obscene or lewd nature;
    • Participation in unruly or noisy behaviour that disturbs other Cruisers or members of the public.


  • All participants are responsible that they and their use of social media is done a responsible manner on the Cruise. Social media is there to pass on information and promote the Cruise. Bullying or intimidation via social media will not be tolerated.


  • All marine incidents are to be reported to the Committee immediately and will be submitted to Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) within 48 hours.


  • Each vessel shall comply with the safety regulations and standards as prescribed by the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Regulations and Standards 1995.
  • All persons in charge of a vessel must hold the appropriate marine licence, and the vessel must be appropriately registered.
  • It shall be the sole responsibility of each skipper to decide whether or not to navigate their vessel in any part of the Cruise, and where and how to anchor or moor their vessel so as to present the least possible risk to their own or any other vessel or person, having particular regard to the weather conditions both prevailing and predicted.
  • To promote boating safety during the Cruise, skippers are advised that rafting up is not permitted. This practice, whilst being comfortable and socially acceptable, has proven dangerous to other boats in the past.
  • The Interclub Bay Cruise banner will be erected at each of our locations. Not only does this show everyone where we are, and who we are, it also shows the area to be KEPT CLEAR of boats and tenders for an emergency vessel to attend if required. Skippers are to KEEP the BANNER AREA CLEAR AT ALL TIMES.
  • All participants are responsible for following Queensland Government guidelines for COVID, if applicable at the time of the Cruise.


  • In making application for permission to join the Cruise, all skippers acknowledge that the natural environment and in particular the marine environment may at times be hazardous and agree and confirm that at all times when participating in the Cruise, they will be responsible at all times for the safety of their vessel and all persons on board during the Cruise.


  • In consideration of an application for entry being accepted all skippers and their crew expressly release Interclub Bay Cruise Association Inc., its officers, committee members, servants and agents from any claims for damage or liability whatsoever and howsoever caused or arising or for any injury or damage suffered to their vessel, themselves, members of their crew, their family or guests and which may occur during ,or as a result of the Cruise and hereby indemnify and to keep indemnified the Interclub Bay Cruise Inc., its officers, committee members, servants and agents against all actions, suits, claims, damages, loss and/or expenses whatsoever and howsoever incurred as a result of or arising out of their participation in the Cruise.


  • There are NO REFUNDS issued for any purchase (registration, berthing, merchandise, entertainment or meals) unless explicitly stated otherwise. If plans change and a vessel, skipper or crew can’t attend the event, they should consider the fees paid as a donation to the Cruise. 


  • Cruise members supply the Cruise committee and their agents with photographs and video from the Cruise each year for use on the Cruise Website, Facebook page and other promotional materials, both print and electronic. As such, the Interclub Bay Cruise are unable to seek individual permission of the subjects to use these images. Images are portrayed responsibly and with respect, however, if you wish an image to be removed, please advise the Secretary and the images will be removed from the relevant media as soon as practicable.